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It’s little wonder ‘WHY’, we find ourselves with ongoing difficulties in life. Our 5 senses gather around 11 million bits of information per second. This is sent to the brain for processing. To make matters difficult, our conscious minds are only able to process around 50 bits per second. So, in simple terms what we do is compress this information through deleting, distorting and generalizing. A lot of the time this process is happening through our experiences, values, beliefs, and other factors. We have around 100 billion cells in our brains to process this information…. which is great. However, if we tap into our neurology through our attitudes, beliefs, experiences, values and create pathways for us to experience something more empowering within ourselves. Then we are surely not only going to improve our internal dynamic, but also that which is going on external to ourselves. 

What do you really want? And ‘WHY’ do you want it? Clients often say to me that they want success in an area or multiple areas of their lives. But do we want success just to have success? Or do we want what success can give us? The latter question reveals the WHY…be that security, happiness, loving relationships etc. These answers are invariably different. 

This leads me to the next part and the most important facet of our coaching together – that being…


I have a few questions, for you to answer below this paragraph. What I’d like you to do through this process is, listen to your mind’s initial response – this is what you should generally go for, as your answer. However, when listening to your self-talk and then giving your answer, you will probably find that certain information from your initial answer will either be deleted, distorted or generalised. Notice what happens to your thought process. Too often we don’t answer with our authentic selves. We sometimes answer in a way that takes everyone else and our situation in life, into consideration and not according to who we really are. We may have family, friends, work colleagues or situations that we find ourselves in that give precedence to our answers. These overriding factors, most of the time, have a determining effect on how we respond to life. This isn’t always a bad thing. However, wouldn’t you prefer to have more control of the answers you give to life? What is probably the case when you’re answering is that you will find yourself answering according to your instilled values, beliefs, attitude and experiences. Very rarely do we notice or question this. So, your initial answer is what I’m after for you…as this will be part of what we will be challenging through our process together. There are no right or wrong answers. You are unique and your answers should only speak about you. Your answers would be important to me and our process together.

What specifically do you want to have happened through our coaching sessions together?

Where are you now with regards to what you want to achieve?

What will you see, hear, and feel when you’ve accomplished this outcome?

How will you know when you’ve achieved your desired outcome?

What will this outcome get for you?

What will this outcome allow you to do?

Is this only for you or are other people involved?

In your mind – where, when, and how is it going to happen?

In your interpretation – what do you need to have, for your outcome?

Have you ever had this outcome?

Do you know anyone else who has?

Have you been coached before? And if so, what was the outcome?


Is therefore built into giving the best of myself to enhance lives that truly want change. The bonus for me, is you being in the position, to assist others to breakthrough where they are at.

Providing insight for you to understand, what you’re doing and why – allows the how to become so much easier. You will assign more meaning to what you’re doing, and have more intention in your actions. This will come naturally when you have a better grasp of your thoughts. What we are essentially looking for is coherence within our minds and body, that will give us the resourcefulness to make changes to our external world.

mission & VISION


Enhance peoples understanding of  what is possible for themselves. Allowing them to bringing forth the level best version of themselves.


Increase knowledge to provide a greater range of mindset programmes, training, workshop and educational services

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