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Some people work better when given time to word things, the way they want to. This may require, writing things down and then e-mailing or messaging. Others work better verbally and need, or at least do better with interaction to help them structure their thoughts.

Below I have provided insight into Zoom/Skype, Email and Instant Messaging solutions. There’s a variety of flexible packages provided for, in my online coaching services.  Alternatives are either through a session by session basis, or a two-month, six-month or year’s agreement. All these scenarios are being built into my Premium Online Coaching Service – which entails providing support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Online coaching provides the best of both world’s


In my opinion; Skype and Zoom provide near-perfect coaching solutions. You have the luxury of being in your own environment, which generally means you are more relaxed and open to change. It’s important to note that within minutes into the session, you will forget that, we are not in the same room and that it’s just as personal as being face to face. Utilizing these platforms has many benefits and does not detract from a wholesome coaching session. Exceptional levels of connection, quality, impact and results are achieved. A distinct benefit would be, the flexibility and freedom to have the coaching session, when and where you choose.


Email coaching takes on a different angle. I usually use email in conjunction with my other services. I prefer though, to enter into an email-based coaching arrangement with existing clients. This is obviously because, a high level of rapport, would have been attained prior to the email arrangement. However, there are scenarios where clients prefer to conduct their coaching exclusively through email. I have two provisos for this; firstly, the initial four sessions are conducted via skype or zoom. Secondly, after the initial four sessions, we will require an hours Zoom/Skype session, at least once a month. This is dependent on, continual evaluations to determine where you’re at with regards to your progress.


Obviously communicating by an instant message is quick. But, with this comes the risk of a message being misconstrued. I utilize text with established clients, in helping to deal with issues that might arise between sessions. It is difficult to get a clear picture of the issues this way with a new client. The important point here is the relationship. What is the level of rapport and understanding between the client and me? This is crucial as it can break down the level of trust and the ability to work through issues effectively.

advantages of online coaching

  1. Reduced Rates; I am no longer working from an office, which reduces costs significantly on rent and the associated expenses.
  2. Convenience; You save on time. The coaching session can be conducted in the privacy of your home, office, or even car. You can travel and still have online sessions to keep you on track.
  3. Anonymity; Many people do not seek help, as they still find there is a stigma associated with working with a coach for personal growth. You don’t have to be seen going in and out of my office. There is no other record of the services being provided, except between you and me.
  4. Safety and Accessibility; You may be cautious or guarded when you first go to meet with a coach in an office. This can pose a barrier when seeking help. You may get more out of the online coaching experience and feel comfortable with personal exploration from a distance, in your own comfort zone.
  5. The flexibility of Scheduling; Often there is limited time to meet, or we prefer certain times of the day for sessions. Since you don’t need to go out for your session, it is often easier to find at least an hour somewhere in your schedule to meet online.
  6. Enhanced Presentations; For group sessions the video calling services, provide the ability to share screens. Which is a lot easier than trying to sit behind a small screen together, watching diagrams or presentations.
  7. Option to Record; You also have the ability to record the sessions – which is great for reference.
  8. Worldwide Access; We don’t think about accessing professional help outside of our local area, but with online coaching, you have access locally, nationally, and internationally.


As I’ve mentioned, online coaching does provide flexibility. Every client naturally has different requirements. I, therefore, tailor a bespoke solution for each of my clients. I am flexible in being able to provide a range of solutions. However, let’s keep one thing in mind; it doesn’t matter which is the primary mode of coaching – what is important though: is the decision, action, energy and willingness to find solutions. These qualities should always be present, as they will ultimately bring about the best version of yourself.

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Enhance peoples understanding of  what is possible for themselves. Allowing them to bringing forth the level best version of themselves.


Increase knowledge to provide a greater range of mindset programmes, training, workshop and educational services

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