My coaching focuses on acceptance and observations; of what is in a person’s life and what can be done by their own action and self-belief to change their life, for their future. As a coach I assist my clients to move forward with purpose, regardless of their past. Life Coaching is a way to realise your true potential, through a process of uncovering and then eliminating destructive behavioural and thinking patterns in your life – in a supportive, caring and inspirational environment. I achieve this by empowering people with specific tools and scientifically tested techniques that work. Coaching is a solution focused approach to personal development that can assist you to make lasting change in all areas of your life.

What can Life Coaching do for you?

  • Experience more of life; In my process of life coaching, I work with clients on all areas of their lives – helping them to integrate what works and to get rid of the rest. This comes through setting goals that align with my clients true values, and not others expectations. I expect my clients to invest in increasing the quality and depth of their life experiences, and hold them accountable for achieving these goals.
  • More solutions; I help clients extend their boundaries beyond a level of ‘comfortable’ experience – increasing their confidence and capacity to handle many situations. I often help my clients to raise their communication skills, enabling them to better understand, accept and influence those around them.
  • More drive to ‘achieve’; I actively listen to and tailor planning and development strategies to the client’s individual life – a bespoke approach – because we as human beings are all unique, and require recognition. This inevitably leads to my clients feeling more cherished, respected and listened to as a person!!!


NLP is so much more than a set of tools, techniques and interventions. It is a study of what works – of excellence – both within yourself and with others. It brings about an attitude and methodology to achieve what you want…in essence NLP is a user’s manual for the brain. We set about learning how to become fluent in the language of your mind, so that the unconscious will understand what you want from life.

The beauty with this is that it is fast, it’s generative – and because it’s so good from an ecological point of view, it is healthy for your mind. Once your brain understands how to do many of the interventions, it starts to do it on a regular basis – automatically.

What can NLP do for you?

  • NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming; Neuro refers to your neurology, Linguistic refers to language, Programming refers to how that neural language functions. In other words, learning NLP is like learning the language of your own mind! We can therefore determine how the use of the language of the mind can be used to achieve our desired, and specific outcomes.
  • Better decisions; My clients discuss ideas and concerns – I am independent of these, and my NLP coaching will usually lead them to make decisions that are more effective and relevant to their life. This is achieved through various interventions. A mirror always helps, and winners are always willing to get feedback and ideas from others. I help identify areas in my clients perceptions of the world, that when removed allow for a much greater understanding and success.
  • Faster development; NLP, gives the tools and interventions to break through limiting beliefs rapidly, and will rapidly and powerfully increase my clients rate of personal development. As NLP is a do with process as opposed to a do to process, we will zero in on the blocks holding you back, and resolve them so you can move forward and focus upon what is truly important for your future.


This is a process that entails consideration on an unconscious level, for my clients to transform the following:

  • To let go of Negative Emotions from the past,
  • To let go of Limiting Decisions from the past,
  • Create their future the way they want it.

About Negative Emotions;
Time Line Therapy™ techniques allow freedom from undesired negative emotions; such as fear, anger, sadness and anxiety, by releasing these emotions from the memories that harvest them. You are then able to react freely to future situations – without the emotional baggage of the past.

About Limiting Decisions;
Limiting decisions and beliefs prevent you from achieving your potential. These decisions and beliefs have come about as a result of past experiences but may have stayed with you until today – limiting your life in many ways. Time Line Therapy™ techniques allow you to leave these decisions and beliefs in the past – where they belong and to utilise the learnings from your experiences. Thus, enabling you to create useful and empowering alternatives.

About Creating Your Future;
Finally; having resolved the unresolved issues in the past, Time Line Therapy™ gives us a specific way of creating your future dreams, intentions and goals in a simple process that produces results. The process involves using your unconscious mind and imagination to create a compelling future that is inspirational, to take you to the next level – bringing about your desired outcomes.


The primary objective is to let go of negative beliefs and emotions. We deal with a specific condition that requires focus. The process assists in breaking through any personal unresolved problems. This may include, but is not limited to values, limiting beliefs, negative emotions, fears or any primal state’s that are not serving your best intensions and placing strain on your mental health.

Techniques from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Time Line Therapy are utilized, to breakthrough barriers. I assist you with unresolved issues or presenting problems that you have not yet managed to resolve yourself. There are many reasons why that may be the case, including limiting decisions, limiting beliefs, and/or fears.

The process starts off with an initial 1hr session. This is followed up with an, intensive 4hr session. There’s a short follow-up session to ensure the required results have been achieved. The entire process must be completed over a five day period – generally with a day between each session.

The breakthrough will go a far way in improving your; motivation, decision making, efficiency, self-confidence and performance at work. We will work on your values and set goals with the tools to attain them.

This is a dynamic, focused way to achieve important, compelling and meaningful changes – bringing about the personal development that you require.

Do you want to control negative thought and self-talk?

Do you have Limiting Beliefs about yourself?

Do you want to get rid of Emotional Baggage? 

Do you want better results in life

If so, please get in touch with me!!!