With all the uncertainties we face both internally and external to ourselves, I decided what was really required with my clients is something up and above the 1-hour coaching sessions I provided. I’ve developed an 8 session program to facilitate the change they are experiencing. This brings about a greater understanding of what is transpiring within them. The foundation of this serves all subsequent coaching sessions and enhances my client’s ability to deal with the change we are experiencing. Where we can start fine-tuning what is required to bring about the change we want in your life.

My coaching exemplifies a do with the process, as opposed to a do to process. I will be your guide, to finding a mindset that will enhance your life and bring about all that you’re capable of. It is of no consequence to me whether you are a woman or man, how old you are or where you’re from. What’s consequential is how dedicated you are to our process. Through our work together I will empower you to transform your life and discover who you really are.

When we first meet you will be respected for your model of the world. The bespoke Mindset Coaching Programme we devise will give you the grace of being able to deal with negative emotions, limiting beliefs and the ability to create a powerful personal state to deal with life’s continual changes. 

mindset coaching with me

Our initial eight sessions will not only include one hour of coaching but also an additional one hour on educating yourself on how the mind functions. All sessions will come with assignments to hone your mindset skills between sessions. These assignments will be reviewed at our following session together. We will continually be determining what is working for you and how we will go about bringing the best possible version of yourself. My expectation is that the exercises will be emailed to me at least 24hrs prior to our next session.  

Regrettably, for most of us, we have not taken the time to elicit our values, align our beliefs and seek to understand what really will make us follow through. Breakthroughs in life are easier to attain, with an intrinsic understanding of our internal dynamic. Our innate ability to come to terms with our power and fears set’s us free to become all we are capable of achieving.

Creating states that are wholesome to our everyday endeavours, are sometimes difficult to attain – whilst being in a state of stress, overwhelm and anxiety. These seemingly tough states can serve us, we just have to understand how.

I will impart scientifically tested techniques and interventions during our sessions that will shed a different light on what is possible in your life. You will be able to utilize the tools I provide with immediate effect, for your present situations and for the rest of your life. 

mission & VISION


Enhance peoples understanding of  what is possible for themselves. Allowing them to bringing forth the level best version of themselves.


Increase knowledge to provide a greater range of mindset programmes, training, workshop and educational services

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