business coaching

Since the 1980’s many business coaches have been using the GROW MODEL. GROW is an acronym for goal, current reality, options (or obstacles), and will (or way forward). Other models include FUEL; SOAR; Fierce Conversations; and Purpose, Perspectives, Process. These are effective to a degree. However, neuroscience is now showing that there’s more required every to determining elevated results. Most poor results stem from what we believe to be possible. This isn’t new thinking. However we need to ask ourselves – at what stage do we make the transition with our beliefs to what is possible.

In short; our beliefs determine our thoughts about what is possible. Our thoughts in turn manifest the corresponding emotions. Our emotions will cascade into our physiology and produce actions which will bring about undesired results that we don’t want. This results then reaffirm our initial thought – that this isn’t possible. It becomes a psycho cybernetic loop and we find ourselves reaffirming that which is not true. We are all capable of attaining next level performance and finding that within you is my forte. I utilise scientifically tested techniques, interventions and exercises that work and produce the desired results. We work together to present you with the opportunity to be creative in determining your outcomes.

Business coaching with me therefore focuses on mindset. Besides mindset and taking care of your mental health, I also provide an outside perspective for executives, entrepreneurs, business owners, and staff who are either in sales or customer service. We will address not just empowering you, but seek to bringing an understanding of what is possible at the next level up for your business success.

Business coaching may not be what you are anticipating. However, I do assure you that your investment in my services…will form a critical role in manifesting the best, in you and in turn your business. I don’t go about teaching business skills. Coaching with me, involves a series of phases through weekly sessions. Our initial session will be based on an assessment of what is required for you and the business. We put in place a developmental plan. We breakthrough that which is hindering you from attaining all that is possible for you and your business. We then go about a powerful goal setting process with plans for their achievement. We work together weekly to keep you accountable in realizing your intentions. The process is over when the goals are achieved, or when you and I agree that my services are no longer required. The typical duration of a coaching engagement is six to twelve months.

Conversations between you and I are completely confidential. If your organization is paying for the coaching services, periodic status updates may be required. However, nothing else is shared without your permission.

Your growth becomes your businesses growth. By being there for you, I will assist in creating a powerful mindset to improve performance, enhance your leadership qualities and bringing about focus to achieve your desired success.


In a corporate setting – my services are predominantly for senior managers, leaders within an organization or potential leaders being groomed for larger roles. I assist in obtaining;
• self-awareness,
• achievement of developmental objectives,
• unlocked potential,
• a sounding board,
• control of behavioural problems,
• resolutions to interpersonal conflicts,
• clarity of goals and plans.

My objective is to offer support, guidance and discover the level best in you. We do this in the confines of a confidential and supportive environment. I will;
• ask thought provoking questions,
• challenge assumptions,
• help achieve clarity,
• provide resources, exercises and interventions
• and yes, sometimes, with permission, provide advice.

We will meet once a week. This meeting can be face-to-face or virtual, depending on what works best. At this stage I only provide online coaching. The process will last anywhere from three months to twelve or more months.

Executives or Corporates generally come to me with a clear understanding of what they want to achieve andwhat they expect from our relationship. since coaching has become such an accepted and even expected operation at many corporates. In saying this, if you come into a coaching engagement with myself with and open mind and a real willingness to grow, you can reasonably expect to reap these benefits:
• See yourself more clearly,
• See others differently,
• Learn new ways to respond,
• Leverage your existing and untapped strengths,
• Build more productive relationships,
• Achieve what you want.
Like any new endeavour, working with me can be challenging. But if you are, committed and curious, you will find our coaching relationship can be a powerful catalyst to becoming the person you most want to be.


Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. There is plenty of uncertainty, anxiety and loneliness in breaking free from the 9 – 5 and working for oneself. Entrepreneurs are generally wired to take on the world by themselves. They dig in, work hard, and are determined to be self-made. The question then is; why would you need someone to tell you what to do? Isn’t that why you started your own business in the first place. To avoid that?

This is just it – as an entrepreneur coach, I do not tell you what to do. You have your own vision and that should not be disrupted. I am more there for you as a guide through business and life challenges. I provide layers of value to entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs do not need to surround themselves with “yes men.” Too often an entrepreneur’s social and business circle is filled with people who sing their praises. Praise-singers, are generally uncomfortable being critical, for fear of bursting the entrepreneur’s bubble. What entrepreneurs need is a coach who will hold them accountable and reveal the ugly truths.

I specialize in walking the line between being your supporter and pragmatist. Pushing you to new heights that are sometimes uncomfortable. However, they are necessary to grow and scale your business.

Here are some ways that I can assist entrepreneurs:
• Assist in identifying what is required to achieve your important objectives,
• Point out your blind spots. Enabling the ability to gain a competitive edge,
• Increase personal growth to becoming effective and influential with others,
• Make you accountable to achieve, but also save time and money,
• Set value-oriented goals, that breakthrough your comfort zone,
• Make sure all objectives are growth driven so you start seeing results quickly,
• Share advice and valuable life lessons,
• Identify potential problems ahead of time so they can be minimized
• Continually provide you with motivational boosts support and encouragement,

Having been an entrepreneur; I realise that there will be times when business does not go according to plan. You may feel discouraged, disheartened, depressed or on the verge of giving up on your dreams. Your level of confidence may be rock bottom. Your energy might be depleted. This is when it’s great for me to step in and remind you of your innate strength. To provide support and push you through the rough times. Making sure you get back on track, with your vision and expand what is possible through the innate power residing within you.